Spokane Homicide: In memory of Quentin Dodd

This page was set up in memory of Quentin Dodd. Quentin was victim of what appears to have been a unlawful execution by the Spokane Sheriff's Department on Oct 24 2010. It was ruled justifiable by the OIS review and Spokane City Prosecutors office. These are the actual crime scene photos the prosecutors were presented with by Spokane's own medical examiners office and crime scene investigators. Yet local prosecutors may choose to aide Deputy Rustin Olson in escaping the same judicial punishment the average citizen would face. Had the tables been reversed. The unjustified findings of the Spokane city attorneys office and the refusal to discuss any of this case with Quentin's family members by the inspecting Sheriff's deputy. Along with what appears investigating personal withheld coroner's findings or city prosecutors ignored the findings due to the fact it did not coincide with what appears to be the officer's self serving version of the story in this case. These acts forced family members to throw their questions and loved one into the publics eye

This picture shows Olson with blood stained gloves on and no bullet shell casings on the ground 7 to 8 feet in front of Quentin?

This picture shows his key-ring and a key on the line and now bullet shells? Shells now placed in front of Quentin

This picture also shows his key-ring and no rock

Why is his cell phone still on and it is setup to capture setting?

This picture shows casing reflecting light at Quentin's feet that's how close Olson was when he shot him while on his knees or laying on his side, The last shot

This picture shows no markers for the key or key-ring?

The picture shows where the shell casing had been edited out by blurring it

Witnesses say this was on his key ring when he left? How did it get back to his room when he never returned?

Just where did the keys go and why were they removed?

Deputy Todd Millers car no non lethal alternatives?

Now why would a Sheriff knowing Olson's past history place him in a car with no non lethal alternatives or a camera?

This is a picture of  Deputy Todd Millers backseat No picture of Deputy Olson's back seat why?

DNA results shows this is Quentin's blood why no DNA results on articles belonging to officers?

Why so much blood on Deputy's boot and no DNA testing not to mention only one small blood splatter spot on street?

Why the need to insure Quentin is dead? When in doubt chock them out

Again why the fresh what appears to be boot marks to his neck? It might appear Deputy Todd Miller likes to assist in murder

Size of  blood splatter spot on the street

Why are the keys and key-ring both bent and blood on them?

Still holding his keys sad

Taliban style execution while on his knees or laying on his side either way he was on the ground

Spokane City prosecutors call this justifiable?

Why does first two shots have smaller entry holes then the downward shot?

If charging the officer why are the angles of projection coming from his side instead of straight forward?

Keys were not found in his pockets why?

Copy of Quentin Dodd's death certificate states homicide

This spot for toxicology report showing he had absolutely nothing not even marijuana in his blood He was stone cold sober when he was murdered!

Picture of prescription drugs in his room



















Family Questions?

They moved the shells how do we know if Olson fired all 3 shots from the same location?

Shells were not in front of Quentin in first picture? It does appear that a shell casing is behind Quentin's feet in the first picture?

First two shots appear from a distance third shot appears to have been closer? It appears Quentin was deliberately executed?

First two shots did not penetrate into his body as far as the last shot considering the last shot went through his shoulder penetration of the last shot would have been less then the first two if it was part of the shot group in no way could that last shot been done from the same distance of the other two it's just impossible not to mention all shots were from back to front angle he was not charging but retreating away from the officer!

Missing picture of Olson's back seat why? Did it disappear after the crime scene investigation or was it not taken deliberately?

Why only 3 pictures of victim? Probably low on film? Shouldn't some focus be given on the victim? And none of the pictures are close-up shots and the one that is before the gurney came out of the ambulance had been smudged out where shell casing behind his feet in first picture was?

Why has the pictures been modified and by who?

Who is responsible for constructing this report?

Why does it appear Spokesmen Review provides "pr" for what appears to be a corrupt collaborating system? More then likely to gain favor in up coming city contract bids?

Authorities say Dodd ran at Deputy Olson, and Olson drew his weapon and retreated. When Dodd got to within 7 or 8 feet, Olson fired three shots at Dodd’s chest

If charging toward Olson then why are the shots going into his body from his left side and one in a downward angle?

If attacking the officer with the rock in his right hand why did the bullets enter through the left side of his body?

If the shots were fired simultaneously how could that one shot ever go in a downward angle?

That last shot could only of been made if he was on the ground or on his knees, in no way does it reflect the other two shots the entry holes on the first two shots are considerably smaller and at a different angle?

If Olson fired at only 7 to 8 feet away THEN why ARE THERE no shell casings in front of Quentin in first photo?

The last shot took out Quentin's heart at that point in no way could he have been resisting so why the need for the assisting deputy to compress Quentin's neck with his boot?

At that point the assisting deputy had no way of knowing that Quentin was already dead it appears that he also did not want Quentin to testify

Now why would they only DNA test the blood at Quentin's home and none of the articles in question that belong to the officer's?

There is one point about this whole ordeal that just can not be justified the need to shot anybody while already on the ground!

Posted in article blog Spokesman review by retired forensics specialist

The first two shots are at a 33 degree angle, and the last is at a 62 degree angle to Dodd’s front If Dodd was charging, I believe the first two shots would be at different angles to each other, and they would be much closer to 0 degrees, if he was charging

The 5 degrees that Ozzy mentioned, are not a factor. If you are running, your shoulder might be at a 15 degree angle, and add in the 5 degrees that Ozzy mentioned, and you get 20 degrees maximum, not 33 degrees

It also doesn’t explain that the first two shots are at exactly 33 degrees, which would be nearly impossible, if his shoulders were moving. My opinion is that Dodd was trying to run past Olsen, and not toward him

The last shot, (62 degree) which killed Dodd, is interesting. It is at a 46 degree downward angle, in addition to the 62 degree side angle. That compound angle tells me that either they came up to the body and shot again, or Dodd was already down, and no longer a threat, and Olsen shot once more, just for good measure

If you figure that the rock was a few feet from Dodd’s body, near his head, and that the body was face up, in the crime scene photos, nothing makes sense. You have to wonder if the last shot was to make sure Dodd didn’t tell his side of the story

I have to wonder if the last shot came when he was on his back, or on his knees, or what…. Either way, the last shot was unnecessary. Obviously he was down, and no longer a threat. The knife was a few feet away, and out of his hand

I also have to question the need to shoot anyone with a knife, but it wasn’t a knife. It was a stinkin rock

Yup, I see the need to get answers

Spokesman-Review in opinion letter, Drugs dangerous or not?

On two successive days, the Spokesman-Review published articles that included information about prescription drugs.

On Sept. 18, an article on the shooting of Quentin Dodd by a Spokane sheriff’s deputy related how the Dodd family disputes the deputies’ claims that Quentin was dangerously high on drugs because the autopsy revealed that the only drugs in his system were prescription drugs. The article did not state what those drugs were or at what levels they were in his system when he charged the deputies with a sharp piece of obsidian rock. The spin seems to be that the deputies’ are not credible because the drugs were “legal,” and therefore the shooting must not be justified.

An article published the following day (“Drugs, though legal, can be deadly”) stated that the number of deaths from overdoses of prescription drugs now exceed traffic fatalities.

You can’t have it both ways; on one hand imply that Quentin Dodd, stoned on prescription drugs, could not possibly have been as dangerous as the deputies claim, and then the very next day report that nationwide hundreds of thousands of people are getting stoned enough on prescription drugs to the point that they are actually killing themselves!

Patrick M. Reeves


Deputies Justified in Their Use of Force


Contact : Ofc. Teresa Fuller Date : 10/24/2010
Incident #: 11-354153    

Spokane County Sheriffs Deputies were justified in their use of force, according to Jack Driscoll, Spokane County Prosecutors Office. Spokane Police Major Crimes detectives received a letter from Driscoll stating Deputy Olson was justified in his use of deadly force in the October 24, 2010 shooting of Quentin Dodd

On October 24, 2010, at 7:35pm, the owner of the clean and sober house (507 N. Sommer) Quentin Dodd was living in called 911 to report that Dodd had cut himself after an argument with other tenants. Dodd left the house carrying an 8 inch long “Indian arrow” type object. Five minutes later at 7:40pm, Deputy Rustin Olson approached the area from Sullivan, while Deputy Todd Miller approached from Progress. Both officers observed the object in Dodd’s hand. Dodd ran at Deputy Olson, and Olson drew his weapon and retreated. When Dodd got to within 7 or 8 feet, Olson fired three shots at Dodd’s chest. Dodd dropped to the ground, rolled over and the knife fell out of his hand. Shots were fired at 7:42pm

The autopsy showed Dodd died from the gunshot wounds; toxicology reports showed positive for amphetamines

After reviewing the case, Driscoll concluded that Dodd was armed with what appeared to be a deadly weapon, disregarded numerous requests to drop the weapon from both Deputy Miller and Deputy Olson, who was retreating when he fired as Dodd closed in on him.

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